Our History

In the summer of this year I will celebrate my first forty years as a butcher. I approached this wonderful profession in 1976 when I was just 12 years old. Since the beginning I always had the attention and love to nature, animals, the earth and its fruits.

I was able to form me in this field following every single step: from the growth to the animal care, until you get to the food choice that allowed them to grow up healthy and in a healthy environment.

These principles are the cornerstone, the foundation on which I decided - together with my family - to create in 2010 "SA SIPPA". Before the creation of our business, I got to specialize myself through other commercial realities, always included in the field of nutrition. This process allows me and allows us, every day, to be able to provide first-class products, always with an eye to tradition and simultaneously projected into the future. One way for you to entrust yourselves quietly and peacefully in our hands, sure you can get out of our business with a smile and with an excellent quality product.